Highlights: Eccox Roadshow SP 2024
Date 24 May 2024

This year, we bring together IT executives, mainframe masters, and professionals at our event, Eccox Roadshow SP 2024, to explore the latest advances in COBOL AI, z/OS technology, and the IT industry.

One of the highlights of the event was celebrating 60 years of mainframe technology and honoring the pioneers who shaped the industry. Our special thanks to the esteemed Luiz Fadel, José Osmar dos Santos, and Alvaro Salla for their incredible participation.

Our event featured an insightful panel discussion on agile innovation, featuring industry leaders sharing their knowledge on test automation and the future of mainframes. Thank you, Fabiano Funari, José Osmar dos Santos, and Jonas Henrique Bernardes, for the valuable insights.

Participants had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas, fostering a community of innovation and collaboration. We immensely thank the exceptional Wanderson Ferro, Diego do Amaral Cariatte, and Bruno Adário for sharing their success stories.

We also recognize the contributions of our mainframe masters, who continue to inspire future generations.

Mainframe Masters Recognition Trophy for Mainframe legends Luiz Fadel, José Osmar dos Santos, Alvaro Salla, Rogerio Oliveira, José Ronaldo Martins, and Maurício da Costa e Silva.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event a success. We hope to see you at our next Eccox Roadshow!

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