Event: Eccox and Banco Bradesco
Date 11 Dec 2023

We celebrated our partnership with Bradesco, at an internal event where we were able to show the journey of using Eccox APT - Application for Parallel Testing to improve the quality, agility and efficiency of application testing processes. This innovative technology increased the quality of applications, reduced incidents and improved the Time To Market for launching projects at the Bank, CONTINUOUS DELIVERY. We appreciate Bradesco's trust and are excited about the progress made in this partnership.

Why is Eccox APT a Game-Changer?

  1. Increased Quality of Applications: With our cutting-edge technology, Bradesco's applications are reaching new levels of quality, driving an even more reliable and effective service for its customers.
  2. Incident Reduction: Reliability is key in the financial world. Eccox APT helps minimize incidents, ensuring smooth and safe operations.
  3. Reduction in Project Time: Agility is essential. With Eccox APT, Bradesco saw a significant reduction in the development and launch time of new products and services, remaining at the forefront of innovation.

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