Services and Training Courses

Our portfolio of services encompasses all aspects of providing real end-to-end solutions with a focus on effective delivery of results. Eccox Technology and its team of specialists guarantee quality, productivity and satisfaction for the end user.

  • Preventative action
  • Management and improvement in the quality of systems and applications during the SDLC
  • Monitoring of the performance of application before being authorized for production
  • Generation and maintenance of databases for execution of tests. Implementation of new processes, assembly of specialist teams and implementation of software that is also commercialized in the SaaS model.
  • Improvement of applications during the specification, design, logical and physical phases, validating the operation of systems after construction and final homologation.
  • Structuring of virtuous processes focusing on performance of applications, quality and availability.
  • Optimization of performance of applications with the implementation of routines that comply with the quality rules.

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